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The Punk Rock MBA

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Shared October 30, 2019

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Why do people like black metal? I explain:
- The history of black metal, from Bathory and Venom to Mayhem, Darkthrone, Emperor, Burzum, Immortal and Deafheaven
- The role of larger than life characters like Varg Vikernes, Euronymous and Abbath
- How it was a reaction to 90s death metal: the way they dressed, the art of Dan Seagrave, etc
- Some black metal bands I like such as Havohej, Abruptum and Aakon Ketereh
- How the shocking imagery, corpsepaint, spikes, raw production and so forth made it stand out
- The church burnings and other events seen in Lords Of Chaos
- Some marketing tips that YOU can use to promote your band, product or creative project!
- And of course, lots of funny black metal moments
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