Could You Live Forever?

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Shared April 28, 2015

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The Scent of Disease

Qin Shi Huang's quest for immortality

Interesting book on Qin Shi Huang

Vampirism: Literary Tropes of Decadence and Entropy

Epic of Gilgamesh

Immortality: The Quest to Live Forever and How it Drives Humanity

Guns, Germs & Steel

Forever Young: The Science of Aging



Written, directed, edited, and hosted by Jake Roper

VFX and cinematography by Eric Langlay

Dead Body played by Matt Harvey

Line Producer: Lorraine O'Connor
Production Manager: Jamie Deasy
Production Coordinator: Steven Daly
Vsauce Production Coordinator: Samantha Friedman
PA: Sinead Lillis

Costume Designer: Gabriella Pescucci

Hair: Ferdinando Merolla
Hair Assistant: Suzie Redmond
Make Up: Claire Lamb
Make Up Assistant: Ciara Scannell

Props: Dermot Blighe

1st AD: David Kennedy
2nd AD: Mairead Campbell
Trainee ADs: Eamonn Cawley & Laurel Graham

Camera Op: Ciaran Kavanagh
1st AC: Alan Butler
Camera Trainee: Luke Gilligan
DIT: Donal Murphy

Sound Recordist: Brendan Deasy
Sound Designer: Jay Pellizzi

Gaffer: Barry Conroy
Grips: Philip Murphy, Darrell Murphy, Martin Kelly
Best Boy: Paul McNulty
Genny Operator: Niall Manyon
Electrician: Ian Carney, Paddy Ryder, Tom Keys, Robert Ryder.

Special thanks to Marcelo Guerra & Erin Joyce from Showtime for letting me do this weird idea, everyone at Ardmore Studios, and all of the Penny Dreadful team.

*This video and trip was a collaboration and was co-sponsored by Showtime. I was NOT paid to make it. Thanks again for letting me use your amazing sets and crew!*

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