Zelda Piano Medley (Ocarina of Time Nostalgia Edition)

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Erik C 'Piano Man'

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Shared November 22, 2017

This video was a long time coming. Here is a random assortment of melodies and themes across the Zelda franchise but especially from Ocarina of Time. Some themes are more well thought out, others closer to the original. I hope you enjoy it.


Track List

0:01 Title Theme
1:26 Song of Storms
1:55 Serenade of Water
2:13 Great Fairy's Fountain
3:30 Lost Woods
4:03 Zelda's Lullaby
4:16 Minuet of Forest
4:32 Nocturne of Shadow
4:49 Gerudo Valley
5:44 Title Theme (Reprise)
6:03 Kakariko Village
7:06 Main Theme
7:29 ???

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Special thank to TimGaßner for transcribing the sheets!
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Consider this an early 5K subscriber special. This took a fair bit of practice and time to play/arrange on my digital keyboard. So if you like what you hear and want to support the channel, consider checking out my Patreon Page.

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Your Pianist,

Erik Correll

P.S. Yes I know the art used in the thumbnail is from Skyward Sword, but that's the best image I could find.

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