What it takes to Build a Mystical Handpan

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Shared October 5, 2019

An inside look into one of the best HandPan makers workshop. Or my attempt to find out why this instrument is so expensive :)

🔨 The Maker: https://www.numeninstruments.com

🎵 Amazing musician: https://www.youtube.com/user/dynamicways

🤓 Are you Learning to play a Handpan?
Since I got my handpan I was looking for a good systematic online course - until I found this one:
It's soooo good that I highly recommend it!

I also asked the author of a course for a discount that I could share with all of you, so here - enter this code HARDISEASY at checkout and you get a 30$ off - it's also a referral link and gives me small benefit as well, so everybody wins.