High performance cutting on DIY CNC machine ||Star challenge v2||

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Shared December 24, 2019

If you haven't seen the original star challenge video you can find it here

I made it to improve the material removal rate quite a bit. For the first star I reached about 120 cm³/min. If you also want to do the star challenge you can find the files here. Just make a video of it and post it in the comments. Doesn't matter how fast you and your machine can do that!

Cutting data
Spindel speed: 10000 1/min
Feed: 4500 mm/min
Cutting depth (Ap): 10 mm
Side engagement (Ae): 4,5 mm
Calculated MRR: 202,5 cm³/min
Spindlepower for that cut ca 2,5-3 kW
Time for the roughing pass ~ 28 Sekunden

The endmill I used in the video can be found here. This link is NOT an affiliate link.