Never Give Up: ALL BOSSES + Animated Cutscenes

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Shared August 13, 2019

Can only wish hardcore platformers to get more attention.
Just doing my part.

Never Give Up is a precision platformer that evolves every stage after reaching the exit until the required amount of repeats.
Simple and tight controls. Plenty of replay value for collectibles, leaderboards and various achievements.

These kind of platformers are a rarity since they cater to a very specific audience. But you won't see me complaining :)

---------------------------------------- Timestamps -------------------------------------------

00:26 - Robo-Rhino
02:57 - Hippie Magician
05:24 - Totem Face
08:45 - Ooga Booger
11:18 - The Chase
13:15 - MS-BOSS


Full playthrough on Hard mode + commentary coming next.



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