How I solved Super Monkey Ball's biggest mystery

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Nick Robinson

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Shared December 7, 2019

For nearly two decades, the Super Monkey Ball announcer has been shrouded in complete anonymity. But who is he really?

Music used:
Duckmaw - The Beat (LaLa)
Jobii - Vortex
pär - Andra Långgatan
Andra Langgatan - par
Marten Moses - Soft Control
Fabien Tell - Last Point of Safe Return
Hampus Naeselius - Frozen Thunder
Max Anson - Truth Harvester
Infinity Ripple - Etude for Dreamers
Eoin Mantell - Salvation Is Coming
Taylor Crane - Into the Bone
Jay Varton - Infra
Wayne Jones - Please
Guustavv - Night Night
Infinity Ripple - A Temporary Solution
roljui - Autostrade
Super Monkey Ball 2 - World 8 (Clock Tower)

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