Magnet "Midi" Music System - Marble Machine X #25

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Shared February 14, 2018

This is the Magnet "Midi" Music Programming System that i have in mind for the Marble Machine X right now! However, there might be room for improvement or an easier/ faster way to achieve this that i did not think of, let me know in the replies of the top comment!

I will try to keep video lengths down for the future, 18 minutes is unnecessarily long IMO but there was so much triplet hype to talk about this time.

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See you next week and in the Top Comment :) all best/ M

Thanks to for supporting the project by sending me the magnets for the Marble Machine X, these were the rod magnets used in the video:
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The fact that you are watching the videos and care about the music and future of Wintergatan is the best support anyone can have, I want to thank everyone who is here for that kind of support, it is really the fuel for the Wintergatan Engine.

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Thanks to and for providing the CNC Machine and the 3D Printer for the Marble Machine X Project!