【Undertale】 Bergentrückung & ASGORE (Orchestral Arrange)

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Shared July 26, 2017

Human, It was nice to meet you, goodbye.

Finally, It's time to unveil yet another Undertale song to you guys. I was actually super hesitant to do this song first because I felt like I could not do it justice, considering how many great orchestral arrangements there already are of this song, but eventually I gave it a shot, and I'm glad I did because I'm unbelievably satisfied with how it came out.

This time I also felt like I had to do something extra special for the video, so I asked the lovely Olivia to draw some original artwork for me, and the results were just mindblowingly amazing. You are incredible Olivia and I'm so grateful for the brilliant job you did with the art for this as well as with the album!
Check out her Youtube and Deviantart here: http://xxmileikaivanaxx.deviantart.com/

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Arrangement, Mix & Master: Cloudjumper
Video: Cloudjumper
Art: XxMileikaivanaxX
Original Song by: Toby Fox