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Pilot´s Workshop

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Shared June 12, 2019

William Ng´s Video with in-depth explanation:

Hi everyone,
in this video I want to talk about workshop basics. Good quality tools are not everything, but they help us to finish a project faster, increase safety and because of that make this hobby more fun! A crosscut sled is one of those essential, if not the most important gadget that you can have if you work with a table saw. This video is about the basics of a table saw crosscut sled and how to make one without spending too much time on fiddeling around with it. The largest time saver by far is the 5-cut-method that I mention in the video. It takes the guessing out of the fine tuning of the fence and turns it into a simple one-try-operation.
Have fun with the video and with your own table saw sled!

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