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Shared May 25, 2016

DOWNLOAD SONG HERE: https://goo.gl/oXRa4D

This was written, sung, recorded, and produced by me.
My wife is the woman singing in the chorus
People asked for me to put this on youtube. So here it is honey.

Use it for whatever. Just credit me

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Dismantle me like before
Show me your teeth and tongue
Make me regret what ive done
Ill act like you have won

Whisper to me of your love,
Show me that I'm enough,
Let disregard all of the things that you've done,
to bend me, to break me.
I'm not your enemy. I'm just going in for the kill
If you think that this will be easy,
Oh, I guess you are probably right

Ill let you decide whos the enemy, whos the enemy whos the enemy
Ill let you decide whos the enemy, Im the enemy Im the enemy

*Just make a statement*
*And I will show you that im wrong*
*Just make a statement*
*And I will show you that im wrong*

I whisper to You of this pain, And how I'm not enough.
And how I can't trust myself alone, You act like I'm no one.


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