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Shared January 31, 2019

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More than a year ago I made a video about the famous Inca or Pre-Inca Stone walls of Peru and I presented the hypothesis that the reason they are made from irregular blocks of stone yet interlock so perfectly is because they are made by stacking cement bags.

Although I’ve presented the idea, many viewers have pointed out a number of problems with the hypothesis and I have to admit that geologically this idea doesn’t work as the rocks have been analysed and their quarries have been located. So I have since been searching for an alternative explanation and I believe I’ve found a researcher who does have the answer.

Thanks to a subscriber who sent me a link, I have read a paper by Helmut Tributsch for the SDRP Journal for Earth Sciences and Environmental Studies back in December 2017, titled ‘On the reddish, glittery mud the Inca used for perfecting their stone masonry’ and wow, I think he may have solved this age-old conundrum. In this video I will quote his paper and present Helmet’s ideas but I strongly urge you to download his paper by clicking the link:

Images are taken from the paper above, or marked as royalty free on Google Images, and are for educational purposes only.