Dungeons and Dragons Lore: Beholder Secrets

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Shared February 3, 2017

Hey guys! Welcome back to more dnd lore.

Originally the intent was for me to cover everything that you could find on the Monster Manual and Volo's Guide so that then i could make a second video with everything that's not there. However the video ended up being a little bit too long.

So the new plan now is for me to make a part 2 to this video where i go through every single variation we know of that beholders have gone through, whether they are found on the released books or at any point in the past. Hopefully it won't go too long. I'll also try and add in factoids about the beholders that Volo's didn't touch on.

I would like to mention that i am extremely happy with the response I have gotten with these d&d videos, it warms my heart knowing that you guys love this game as much as i do. To be open with you guys, i have never been as passionate about any game as i am with d&d; so its awesome for me to hear that some of you do feel that way as well. Keep leaving me comments! And let me know what would you guys like to hear about in these videos.
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