Snare Drum Experiments - Marble Machine X #80

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Shared May 8, 2019

Trying to find a sweet snare sound, I feel I got kind of half ways here maybe, the top treble and the core punch attack is not there yet. Will return to tweaking this frequently. Marius is Casting the proper drum heads, using temporary stuff in this video.
But the use of two separate Ehrlund EAP Contact microphones to capture the bottom and the top of the sound separately feels like a great concept that will work.
Sorry to all the drummers for calling the Top mic "Bottom" since that one is normally named "Top" and vice versa, I thought it was simpler for non-musicians, but for musicians it gets confusing.

To improve the sound I Will try to look for something smaller to fill the bottom snare box with, I have the feeling that something finer than the rice will make a better more smooth sound. Now it feels like I hear the individual grains and I want it to be more like the crashing of a wave, where you do not hear the individual water drops. Just like the Vulfpeck snare! Check out Vulfpeck on Youtube:

See you next week, good luck with everything you are doing take care! /Martin

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