SONG: Kidnapped on the road again song (Ellbob is sexy)

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Lord Bung

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Shared September 7, 2016

Lyrics: Me
Music: On the Road Again by Willie Nelson

I made a poll on twitter and most people wanted me to upload the song by itself, I think I might be doing this for all songs if they're good


On the road again
kidnapped from my sweet abode again
the life I love is always coming to an end
and I can’t believe I’m on the road again

I’m kidnapped again
I sure fell into this trap again
can’t even take a crap away from those two men
I’m ‘bout to snap on the road again

On the road again
doing pointless shit from Jersey down to Texas
Oh, won’t the madness end?
So sick of this I can’t even hold down breakfast
and so my breakfast-

Is on the road again (woo)
all of my happiness erodes again
like Anne Frank if she was trapped inside a van
I’ll make a shank to get off this road again

On the Road again
with two crazy, clumsy assholes wearing glasses
they’re the best of friends
but no surprise from me if this RV just crashes
and leaves our asses-

on the road again
we’ve travelled several area codes again
load me a pistol just to end the sufferin’
‘cause I can’t stand being on the road again
‘cause I can’t stand being on the road again