SCP-662 : Butler's Hand Bell 🔔 : Safe : Teleportation SCP

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Shared May 18, 2019

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Item #: SCP-662

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-662 should be kept in its red velvet lined case and stored in High Value Storage locker 23C located at ███████ when not being utilized for testing or other appropriate activities. The item itself is safe to handle, and poses no known ███ of any kind, though the effects generated could be considered highly valuable and variably powerful depending upon how the SCP is used.

SCP-662 : Butler's Hand Bell : Safe : Teleportation SCP

Author - Rick Revelry

Music (used with permission) by Firefox (composed by him especially for this channel, many thanks!)
Youtube Channel -

The graphics that make up Dr. Millars office were created and composed by myself and Mahelyk (SCP: Blackout lead developer) .
All vocal performances are performed by me.

The subject matter on which this video is based on originate from the SCP wiki. My adaptations are created with permission and with the purpose of adding value to the source content via voice acting, graphic design, animation and illustration ... none are present within the source material.


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