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Shared June 1, 2017

Scientists have JUST published this new observation. On January 4th, 2017 they detected the merger of two black holes 3 billion light-years away. This marks the furthest detection they've been able to make and increases confidence that these events will be seen with increasing frequency as the LIGO interferometers become more sensitive to low amplitude gravitational waves (as sources of noise are eliminated).

Special thanks to:
Prof. Rana Adhikari
Prof. David Reitze

Resources by:
Binary Neutron Star merger: Relastro @ ITP - Goethe University, Frankfurt
Numerical simulation of black hole merger:
S. Ossokine/A. Buonanno/T. Dietrich (MPI for Gravitational Physics)/R. Haas (NCSA)/SXS project
Artist's impression of merger and chart: LIGO/Caltech/MIT/Sonoma State (Aurore Simonnet)
Simulation of black hole merger: SXS Collaboration

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Tony Fadell, Donal Botkin, Jeff Straathof, Zach Mueller, Ron Neal, Nathan Hansen

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Sound Recording by Raquel Nuno