"This is UNDERTALE" - 1-Hour Full Orchestral Medley

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Sully Orchestration

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Shared November 10, 2017

Every Undertale remix I've made into one video!

I can't really do much more Undertale now that I've basically finished all major songs in the whole OST, so I will be moving on to different video games soon. Undertale will forever be one of my favourite games.

Please note that Alphys Takes Action is NOT in the original game and is a fan-made song originally by Robin Blend.

BUY THIS MEDLEY PACK FOR 14.99USD! Includes HD Artwork and bonus songs. Email me at ahmadisnotthebest@gmail.com for details to purchase.
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Time stamps
0:07 Once upon a time
1:29 Flowey
1:53 Fallen Down
3:12 Ruins
4:34 Home
7:25 Heartache
10:30 Floweys monologue
10:47 Sans
11:40 Bonetrousle
14:56 Snowdin
15:50 Waterfall
19:03 Undyne Chase
19:49 Spear of Justice
22:12 Spider dance
26:07 Death by Glamour
28:38 Asgore
31:45 Floweys finale
34:53 Hopes and dreams
38:08 Save the world
40:00 his theme
43:12 Undertale PS4
48:21 Genocide Start EXE
49:07 Battle against a true hero
51:59 Alphys takes action
53:38 Megalovania
57:50 Megalo strike back