The Only Airline That Never Had Flights

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Shared July 19, 2019

If you suddenly decide to find out how many airline companies there are in the world, you might get thoroughly confused. Some sources state that the number is higher than 5,000; others claim that there are about 800 commercial airlines. But whatever the truth is, that's still a lot! And among all these numerous air carriers, there’s a pretty unusual one: the thing is, it’s existed for 30 years but has never had a single flight!

Baltia, a US airline launched in 1989, had great ambitions. The carrier was planning to provide its passengers with high-quality service in all three of the classes it was going to offer. But getting permission is a long process. And the company claims that it still can't get the operational approval from the US Federal Aviation Administration! Baltia had already been operating for more than 25 years but it still hadn't transported a single passenger.

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Why it's all turned out like this 1:04
What we have now 3:06

💥 Cool aviation facts you probably never knew:
- Can planes fly through thunderstorms? 3:45
- Unlocked toilet door 4:09
- Special secret bedrooms 4:37
- What airplane's lifespan depends on 5:23
- The dirtiest place on a plane 6:30
- The largest airplane in the world 7:01
- During a flight, pilots often fall asleep 😱 7:18
- Laser pointers and planes 8:34
- What color the black box is 8:53
- 140 miles of wiring 9:17

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- The mass media was swarming with news about the new airline company and its plans to buy a couple of new, and several used, Boeing airplanes. But then, suddenly, all the articles about Baltia stopped, as if the airline had never existed.
- Despite its ambitious shopping plans, the company owned just one 37-year-old Boeing 747 aircraft. After being bought, the plane flew only once, from Willow Run Airport to Oscoda, Michigan, where it was left at the maintenance facility and never flew again.
- Baltia owners claim that they’re at the final stage of the Air Carrier Certification process, even though their website doesn't allow you to make any reservations.
- Modern airplanes are built lightning-proof! What's more, even though airplanes get hit by lightning much more often than you can imagine, there haven't been any crashes caused by lightning since the 1960s.
- When you enter a bathroom on board the plane and lock it, it remains unlocked! The truth is that the design of a plane's toilet door allows flight attendants to open it in case of an emergency.
- When a flight takes more than 13 hours, flight attendants can use special secret bedrooms to get rest and deal with exhaustion.
- Every time a plane flies, its fuselage experiences serious stress. As a result, sooner or later, the metal starts to crack, and it may lead to a crash.
- Statistically, more than 80% of the world's population is as terrified of flying as you are!
- What's the dirtiest place on a plane? Nope, not the bathroom! It's the tray table you open to enjoy your fish or chicken.
- In 2017, the British Airline Pilot Association interviewed 500 pilots, and 43% of them confessed that they did accidentally fall asleep while flying a plane.
- A small number of troubled people try to open the airplane's exterior door mid-flight.
- What do you picture when you hear the term "the black box"? Something black, right? However, the Flight Data Recorder (which is another name of the black box) is bright orange!

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