SONG: A million years apart (Caskrowo is sexy)

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Lord Bung

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Shared October 21, 2016

Performed by Haley Monet and me
Written (poorly) by me
This is the song from the last video:

Parody of 'The Moon Song' by Karen-O from


I thought – I’d ne – ver love,
my hand – was not – enough,
now here’s – a brand - new start
I’m fol – lowing – my heart
with you - a million years apart
There’s things – I want – to show
there’s things – you need – to know
but there’s still – the same – old stars
I can choose - which one - is ours
with you - a million years apart
We thought –we’d ne – ver love
that life – was quite - enough
but we met – and found – a spark
notebook cross – Juras - sic park
with you – a million years apart

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