Milling and Polishing acrylic glass - Marble Machine X Conveyor Belt Marble Carrier

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Shared December 12, 2018

Today I will show you how I make some acrylic parts for Martin from Wintergatan and his Marble Machine X project. That was also a new experience for me because I didn't made something out of acrylic glass before. I'm really happy how this turned out.
I hope you will like this video and you will visit my channel again!

Speed and feeds I used:
Roughing 1 flute 6mm straight endmill
-Spindle speed: 15000 rpm
-Feedrate: 1650 mm/min (65 in/min)
-Feed per tooth: 0,11mm (0,00433 in)

Finishing 1 flute 6mm straight endmill
-Spindle speed: 15000 rpm
-Feedrate: 900 mm/min (35 in/min)
-Feed per tooth: 0,06mm (0,00236 in)

2 flute 8mm ballnose endmill
-Spindle speed: 15000 rpm
-Feedrate: 3000 mm/min (118 in/min)
-Feed per tooth: 0,1mm (0,00393 in)

--Here Martin gets these parts:

--Here is the link to Martin's awesome channel!

--Music credits:
Wintergatan - Sandviken Stradivarius