Confinement: The Boy in the Pitch Black Room (An SCP Animation)

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Genre: Film & Animation

Family friendly? Yes

Wilson score: 0.9926

Rating: 4.9729 / 5

Engagement: 8.09%

Lord Bung

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Shared June 28, 2019

Thank you for watching and hopefully listening to the update!

The Boy in the Pitch Black Room original soundtrack - SingtoConley
'I cant Say Why' (the song in the update video) - Bslick
The sound effects - Talan0

Assistant Designer - The Spanish Flea

Voice of the Child - AmaiMomo
Voice of the Priest - Chris Guerrero
Voice of Ragneer - Brock Baker
Voice of the soldier - Aidan Walker

Everything else was made by me!

Characters and locations are loosely inspired by the SCP Foundation Wiki, please check it out for spooky stuff (this is a non-canonical story) This video is licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0

Episode 7: The Infinite IKEA part 2 coming soon!!!