How to secure your online accounts

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Shared December 11, 2019

Ultimate guide to securing your online accounts: password managers, second-factor authentication and operations security.

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You need three things to secure your online accounts:
0) Password manager to generate strong and unique passwords
1) Second-factor authentication - the best option is NitroKey Fido or YubiKey, followed by USB or app-based 2FA one-time-passwords.
2) Good OPSEC - or operations security - without it, no tool can save you.

Sources and links:
What if you were phished
Information security for journalists

Tools [I have no affiliation with the following organizations]
Password managers

2FA apps
FreeOTP (iOS, Android)
andOTP (Android) &&
hint: both Bitwarden and KeepassXC offer 2FA TOTP

Security keys and TOTP on a USB

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