My channel is about mainly Gaming and Tech. I enjoy Nintendo which most of my gaming content is Nintendo related and one of the biggest games I cover is Super Smash Bros! The Gaming Content I make: Montages/Compilations Evolution Of Video Games Easter Eggs Gameplays Glitches & MORE! Tech Content: (Contact me to send me Products) Reviews Unboxings Test Videos & More! Few facts about me: 1. This name is spelled with a "Zero" in the word "of". I wanted my name MasterOHyrule but I couldn't so I had to go with the next best thing and use a Zero. 2. While I am a fan of Zelda (which is how I kinda got my name). I am more of a fan of Smash Bros. I also created this name back in 2003. 3 My first console was the Nintendo Entertainment System. My first game I own was Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros isn't actually the first game I ever played. I'm also looking for the right sponsorship to promote. Contact me anytime!