We are a DIY family and we live different! We are originally from Upstate New York where we started our journey in life. We finally had some money saved up to buy a cheap house somewhere, anywhere and in April 2013 we happened to find a $16,500 fixer-upper built in 1910 in central Indiana on half an acre with a pole barn and a creek in the backyard. It took about 4 years to totally fix it up. We sold it in January 2018 and then bought our next property in northern Indiana. It had 3 acres, a 1915 one-room brick school house, barn, garage, and a vintage 1979 single wide that we renovated. That property just wasn't right for us for various reasons so we decided to move shortly after being there and sold it at the end of 2018. Then we bought our current property - a very rural property on over 10 acres in Michigan. We are currently gutting and renovating the entire house and we plan to bring the neglected land back to a usable form. Subscribe to watch our journey continue! 🤗